Citizens of Black Rock City interested in TransFOAMation amass into a line that trails into the open playa.

Abraxas, the golden dragon of Love, accompanies burners in line.

Whassup freakers!

Nataraja having a great time dancing with Abraxas.

Shiva as the Divine Dancer Nataraja in bi-gender form, all opposites reconciled in Divine Self’s dance of Creation and Destruction, Life on Fire.

Nataraja, the Steeplehead of Entheon, and the Allsphyr face the open playa inviting all to join their dance of liberation.

The sculpture of Nataraja was made entirely of paper, by Emma Hardy.

Emma and fellow freaker artist Marty Kenney admire the playa, and ponder the severity of the oncoming dust storm o.O

Burners feeling into ways we have been repressed in our expression of self in relation to gender… boys “don’t be gay or girlie” and girls “be nice, don’t express anger”; huge energies in our being tied up like cultural foot binding. Choose a bandana color corresponding to an underexpressed dimension of self. Rock free and fly!

Ethos & Raskal preach gender liberation and praise all forms in their unique expressions.

A crowd gathers round the Liberty Pole to hear what truth this transfoamed burner has to share. A crowd gathers round the Liberty Pole to hear what truth this transfoamed burner has to share.

Abraxas wants to hear the gender liberation gospel too!

Rainbow billboards speak up about gender, sexuality, psychedelics, and the mission of TransFOAMation.

Dr. Dave of Stop Drop n Roll works the crowd and shows off his skirt donning bod wielding a mega rainbow staff of liberation power… An effigy of the Burning Man made by Vern Graves is feeling pretty and pink today. Express yoself!

After completing their gender liberation downloads, the next group of burners enters the camp and prepares for their final phase of TransFOAMation!

Strugglers postin up and gettin weird at sunset.

The Steeplehead and Rainbow Kali tapestries are blessed by the last lick of sunlight in the day.

The Steeplehead of Entheon had been carefully wrapped up to be unveiled ceremoniously upon the camp’s opening. Mother Nature had other plans, and blasted the Godhead free with the first wild dust storm of the week!

The 2 o’ clock

Passing under the Steeplehead into the final preparation zone.

Banner art showing examples of gender diversity in cultures around the world.

Banner art honoring and telling the story of activist giants who’ve gone before us and paved the way for gender liberation.

Ariel Vegosen of Gender Illumination strikes an ecstatic happy pose in front of a sign sharing the deets of our sister camp Gender Blender welcoming and creating safe spaces for every gender expression with workshops, play parties, ceremonies, and exploration.

Participants learn about the mystic chemist Nick Sand and his own gender bending psychedelic experience, and thank Ashawna Hailey for her radical transformed being and her gracious gift to MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies) that helped start momentum toward the legalization of therapy administered MDMA.

Art by Ethos De Leon

The Foam Dome fills with camp members of TransFOAMation as the Opening Ceremony begins.

Foamie Homies light the fire and hold the energy as it builds in the transfoamational space

Raskal cuts the ribbon to the Plexi and thanks the campers, elders and cosmos for creating this magic moment.

Foamie Homies break out in ecstatic dance as the ribbon is cut and the first foam blasts off.

AB announces that the Foam Dome is now open for TransFOAMation.

Stardancers are beaming and sending rainbow arches of light through their minds, hearts, and bodies to each other and beyond.

Alex Grey vibes out with TransFOAMers while he adds cosmic eyes to the Stardancers mural.

Allyson Grey paints a fiery aura around a beautiful Stardancer.

Alex & Alyson share loving gaze!

Alex giving a talk on his work as a visionary artist

Post Psychedelic Superband Mixer, the Foam Dome came alive for an incredible night of celebration and freakitude.

The foam dome is bright and peaceful each morning, waiting to be filled with beautiful people of every kind and their high vibrations. The walls are decorated with past camp signs and art pieces to honor the story of our Radical Ritual, foaming the people of the playa.

The Phyrebyrd sculpture was made of recycle shrink wrap, cardboard, and paper by Emma Hardy & the Foamie Homies. Each person brought their own unique style to creation of the feathers.

The Plexi looking aqua-liscious, adorned with sculptures by Quest.

AB hyping the crowd with his bubble rap as we prepare for the next blast.

Foam dome guests opt for a fresh cut to complete their transFOAMations.

Post transFOAMation, participants are invited to see themselves in the three dimensional view of the True Mirrors.

The Golden Mate zone is bumpin with peeps enjoying hydration and connection.

Water Priestess Racquel holds blissful space in her Water Temple for freshly foamed guests.

The Lounge hosts a training by the Zendo Project on Psychedelic Harm Reduction. Increasing numbers show up for this awesome talk, as the community grows more and more responsible to taking care each other in beautiful ways.

Campers chillin in the lounge while the foamie homies prepare for a night of free form perFOAMance.

The homies singin about Love. “We’re stickin together, we’re not fallin apart!”

Campers receive massage and enjoy the calm space of the Healing Sanctuary.